Our ricotta

Our ricotta

Serum is obtained from cheese processing which is then heated to 90°C to form ricotta flakes.

We quickly bring the temperature to 90°C making sure that this temperature is not exceeded as the consistency of the ricotta would change and lose its creaminess. 

Our ricotta - 4 Madonne dell'Emilia dairyThe ricotta flakes rise to the surface while cooking the whey. They are extracted with a perforated ladle by the cheese maker who then places them in the molds to drain.

Our cow’s milk ricotta has a very delicate flavor: it is good to eat on its own, as a dessert paired with chocolate, honey or jam, or for use in food preparation.

Ricotta is not a cheese but a dairy product because it isn’t aged and it is not obtained from milk but from a milk by-product.

Ricotta: Its nutritional values

We can say that our ricotta is a lean dairy product: it contains about 150 calories per 100g of product.

It is surely leaner than mozzarella!

It has real nutritional value since it is rich in protein, minerals and vitamins.

You can find it in our store. Come see us and taste our ricotta!

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