Would you like to visit our dairy?

Would you like to visit our dairy?

Arriving in our dairy, you can park in the large square and enter directly into the lobby. It was once the porch of the building but now it is a large, bright space dedicated to welcoming our guests.

Taste our Parmigiano Reggiano - the best parmesan of Italy

By looking through the large windows of the meeting rooms, the visit will begin with the start of the milk processing, continuing through the hallway specifically designed to allow a close look at all of the subsequent production stages.

We will see the pre-salting rooms, we will pass in front of the salting area containing over 2100 parmesan wheels, we will stop in front of the heat chamber, we will visit the storeroom, finishing up with the packaging room where the aged wheels get sliced, next to the company store.

A visit to our ageing storeroom is our strength and charm, which contains about 33,570 parmesan wheels resting on certified, earthquake resistant, wooden shelves.

Let’s go inside and recall together at this spot, the tragic moments of the 2012 earthquake. It will surely be the best way to convey the drama of those moments, but at the same time, the desire to rebuild with our constant passion.

At the end of the tour you will have a tasting of different ageings of our parmesan cheese and other local product according to the tasting previously chosen.

The dairy is newly renovated and expanded and is therefore up to code with its infrastructure and sanitation in accordance with all regulations.